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MAM / PAMM - Tools for forex broker

MAM/PAMM (Multiple Account Management/Percent Allocation Management Module) gives your clients the choice to become an investor and profit without trading on their own, and allows more experienced traders to profit by managing the funds of others.

This software enables money managers to get incentives for trading on several client accounts simultaneously, distributing profits and losses proportionally among these accounts.

UMAM works great with large number of liquidity providers. It is easy configurable and compatible with other plugins.

Your clients, both, money managers (masters) and traders (slaves) will benefit from using this plugin:

Masters, for instance, are benefiting by getting rewards for profitable trading, moreover they can see current incentive value without withdrawing it from the balance.

Slaves are benefiting by the opportunity to have profitable trades without large investment even having no experience. The plugin supports microlots and allocates profits to slaves’ accounts very precisely.

Your clients can also minimize risks by detaching from master automatically when they reach certain level of Take Profit and Stop Loss or simply detaching for any reasons with partial close on the master’s order.

Besides listed advantages, the plugin also has a White-Label friendly configuration- some functions are available with managerial access. For instance, your managers can recalculate incentive for masters and detach slaves.