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Multi-Level IB Logic for MT4

Increase the growth and potential of your brokerage by using Trader’s Room multi-tier functionality to expand your IB business (IBs within IBs). Hiring IBs is the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business and network. By offering multi-tier IB structure your brokerage will stand out and your IBs will be more motivated.

MultiLevel IB's

This extended agent commission plugin allows you to fine-tune your introducing brokers' and affiliate agents' compensation in a far more flexible hierarchical way unlike the standard MetaTrader 4 commission.

Multilevel ibs

This server side plug-in allows the client to have different agent accounts for one Client account.


Groups/ Individual Accounts.
Number Agents Assigned per group or Account.
Agent Commission back to each Agent.

Important Notes:

Plug-in can be customized according to company requirements
Groups/Symbols, and Database that holds agent’s information per account.